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YoHB Nov 19, 2018 I was THIS close to making that Ghost Shark!!! Haha

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Abraxas Nov 5, 2018 Ha! Some of those early bugs made for some pretty excellent hilarity! ...but mostly because you lovely supporters were so supportive.

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YoHB Nov 4, 2018 There are only a few things that can make me laugh until I cry, and going through old TSG games is one of them! Oh boy, coffee sure is swell! Oh boy, coffee sure is swell! Oh boy, coffee sure is swell! Oh boy, coffee sure is swell! Oh boy, coffee sure is swell!

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weirdpoopoobaby Nov 3, 2018 Hey Eric, thanks for the email – I had a look at some old games and enjoyed a nostalgic laugh. (And looking back my drawings were better than I thought... argh, stupid inner critic) I really appreciate all the effort you put into the site - it can't have been easy! It was something special.

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tymaporer Nov 2, 2018 I'm glad the existing games will remain visible. I like to go back and laugh at them. This was probably coming for a while, but the glory days were fun. Thanks for everything.

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paige Nov 1, 2018 Thank you for the message and ALL of your work. You gave us a gift with this site. I don't think I have anything other than appreciation to offer but I really do still delight in the pleasure I found here. Thank you Eric, Paige

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Abraxas Nov 1, 2018 Hello? Testing... Is this thing on? Greetings! I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for once upon a time playing that silly game of mine, thesentencegame. It has been so much fun seeing the crazy, hilarious crap that has come out of this game. I still find games I haven't seen before that make me laugh out loud. I'm sending out this email to any current or former members of, as well as posting it on the forum. Here's the deal... I'm thinking about 'static-izing' the site. In other words, existing games will remain available to view, but no new games will be able to be played. Over the years, the amount of free time I have had for TSG has continued to shrink, and the number of silly drawing games for a zillion other devices has grown. Meanwhile, a couple of times a year, something in the Internetländ gets broken and there is a new patch for PHP (yes, I wrote this in crummy old-school PHP... may god have mercy on me) and some bot tries to send your grandmother penis pills if I don't patch it... or the images stop working on the Searchamajiggy (it happened again). And we still even see trolls on occasion. Maybe if I'd converted this to a Facebook game or an iPad app, I'd be writing to you now from my private island like Farmville's inventor, or that Flappybird guy... and there'd be a staff of 1000 developers making TSG better every day. But... since I didn't, TSG has been getting fewer and fewer users over the years, and so the 10 hours or so every couple of months that it takes to keep TSG alive become less and less valuable to the world. SO, here's what I'm thinkin' There are currently 17 active games. Let's finish 'em off! No new games will be able to be started, but the current games are ready to go. After that, if there's a great need (!), I could open back up the game-starter for awhile... But eventually, TSG will be frozen in time. I'd also be happy to pass on the development reigns to the next generation. Perhaps there is a current college student out there with a bit more free time like I once had, who is interested in learning PHP (it has gotten a lot better since the old days), and wants to tweak things every so often. Or, perhaps that ambitious college kid wants to rewrite things in another language? Please let me know your thoughts in the forum. Love and Happy Penguins, Eric

pogman999 Jul 6, 2018 I'm honestly amazed a play on "high horse" wasn't the source of the stoned horse in this game

Abraxas May 27, 2018 I think we're back in business. Sorry folks!

pogman999 May 12, 2018 What's the deal with Russian spambots? Also, nice reference to Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris for the starting sentence, Tymaporer!
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