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starfish Mar 30, 2017 Yay!!!! Only seven years later...

misterverymean Mar 30, 2017 Huzzah! The day has come! 🎉

forum.php?topic=Whoa...are things kicking back up??
starfish Mar 29, 2017 Not been here since 2012. Was going through one of my old portable hard drives and stumbled across a selection of pictures I'd done for the site. After a long and arduous Google (I couldn't for the life of me remember what this site was called), I found it again and managed to log in after the umpteenth attempt at a username/password combo. So yeah, I just submitted a new pic, had great fun doing it, let's see where it goes!

AweAndWonder Mar 23, 2017 Oh whoa! I just realized. I didn't know that Omega meant end or doom, I just chose what I thought to be a recognizable Greek letter. But this went full circle with the doom thing, didn't it? Sure, "all things" became the "Parthenon", and "I" became "bird-man baby", but details, details. :P

AweAndWonder Mar 23, 2017 Haha How did I guess Omega without seeing the previous picture?? XD That letter had such a staying power.

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AweAndWonder Mar 9, 2017 A friend of mine is trying to register, but it says every time that she failed the Captcha.

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