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Eric Montellese Jul 28, 2006 Haha - oh well tortoise! It ended up working out pretty well though, considering!

Eric Montellese Jul 28, 2006 Ha! This one made me laugh out loud at work. You're going to get me fired - thanks a lot guys!

Eric Montellese Jul 28, 2006 Haha! the sign-language frog is great! Great job on this one guys!

Mike Seltzer Jul 28, 2006 Dave, I really like the use of "Wilson" in your picture. You pictures have consistently been among the best. Keep it up.

Mike Seltzer Jul 28, 2006 Dragonmudd, the original picture was awesome. I'm not sure I would have gotten bush sr. from it, but it's the best anyone could have done, short of grabbing his real picture.

Dragonmudd Jul 28, 2006 Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about Tortoise's drawing. People like it when you at least attempt to use their sentence. Even if it's terrible it'll be passed on be amusing.

tortoise Jul 28, 2006 Chalk it up to early-morning error; that was supposed to be one of the elements in my picture (along with a bunch of pictures of cheese and meat), but apparently I cleverly managed to save the wrong file. Sorry guys...

Brian Roney Jul 28, 2006 Oops. Thought that said tree-KILLING squares, not tree _dwelling_ squares. Meh. Not that it would've stuck anyway. I'm amused that everybody used the same NBK picture.

Eric Montellese Jul 28, 2006 Tortoise, what's up with the hair picture? Did you just give up on the cheese-meat sentence? I'm a fan of the last picture though - and also the brick birds from triath's picture.

Joe Jul 27, 2006 Eric, we seem to have enough willing players now that perchance we can implement a "you can only play once per game"-esque rule. Though, that would cause problems if interest waned. Or just make it so that you can only play if the differential is 5 or 7 (thus meaning that if you played the same one twice, once would be a picture, the other would be a sentence.
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