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Jonno Jul 21, 2006 Well, I suppose it does look like a toothbrush for a gumbleeder. Actually, I intended for their weapons to be a bloody sword, a bloody baseball bat, and a rifle. By the way, Dave, your epic battle scene is fully of intensity.

Dave Jul 20, 2006 Is one of the "violent penguins" in picture 2 attempting his mischief with a toothbrush? Also, yes, I forgot who Flappy was.

Jess Jul 19, 2006 Ok, A: I was not playing strip poker. I was playing poker whilst stripping. There's a difference. And B: why are my boobs depicted so saggily in the first drawing? That is NOT what they look like... (just for the record)

the Seltzer Jul 18, 2006 Who is the initial character yelling no?

the seltzer Jul 18, 2006 Yes. I wasn't present, but I've been informed that Jess played strip poker at one of the BG evenings. The problem was, everyone else was playing poker for fake money...

the Seltzer Jul 18, 2006 I knew it was a cannon, but since I had watched Rick write the sentence that introduced the revolution, I thought I may have been helped by past knowledge. It kind of looks like a penguin if you take the white rounded part beneath the barrel (what is that supposed to be?) to be the belly of a penguin. As too my special knowledge of the penguin ass... REPUBLICANS CUDDLE NOTHING! ESPECIALLY NOT PEGUINS!

Adam Jul 18, 2006 Indeed! Perhaps Seltzer has some special knowledge in this area? I'm sad that the PoCH was not identified.

Dave Ruggiero Jul 18, 2006 Just out of curiousity, is this based on a real incident?

Rick Stutz Jul 18, 2006 Hah! This one is superb. How does that cannon look like a penguin ass?

Eric Montellese Jul 18, 2006 We're getting some external players - yay! Welcome Simon!
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