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Total 10224
17 main 3.26 Jul 8, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Flappy has a treasure map showing the Pistol of Curious Heterosexuality is buried in Saskatchewan.
Jul 18, 2006 theSeltzer
Penquins surprise the british by attacking them with a huge penguin's ass!
16 main 3.97 Jul 1, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Jul 18, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Global warming has many sources, including Darth Tater and Herman Melville.
14 main 3.11 Jun 30, 2006 *M* Abraxas
Jess took off her shirt at Bluegrass Dinner; Rick got upset that it was so warm in the house.
Jul 17, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Dave, Rick, and Jonno dream of green grass, freezing temperatures, and hair extensions, respectively.
12 main 3.33 Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
I need more MSG on EVERYTHING!
Jul 17, 2006 SimonHova
oh my god! the ninjas killed Saturn! You bastards!
6 main 3.27 Mar 5, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Here there be krankens!
Jul 17, 2006 jtrump
In Boston, the X-man Cyclops fights the Moononites and a mythological cyclops while a bald guitarist, drunk on tequila, watches on.
9 main 2.44 Mar 22, 2006 *M* stickyii
Seltzer climbs a ladder to change a light bulb while Rick sits peacefully with the windows open. The temperature is 20°F outside.
Jun 27, 2006 *M* Dave
Drinking makes you obsessed with the bathroom.
4 main 2.61 Feb 26, 2006 *M* ges138
Eating egg rolls prevents the Sunday frumpies.
Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
The second sunday of the month is naked time for Jonno and his love-pigeon (except Jonno wears a pink hat and smokes a cigar).
11 main 3.10 Apr 7, 2006 *M* griffinlad
When Kaiser Penguin drinks moonshine, he paints the Confederate flag on Rick's car.
Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Because he is a racist, Kaiserpenguin steals a truck full of money with dreams of rebuilding the Confederate army, but not in the Southeast.
7 main 3.22 Mar 8, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Don't shake the snowglobe!!!
Jun 23, 2006 millerhero
No peas, bad grades, or paper airplanes for you, you basketball playing demon.
10 main 2.97 Mar 22, 2006 *M* ges138
My nipples are pained, and it's all because of you!
Jun 23, 2006 millerhero
Shot through the heart by the rainbow revolver.
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