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Total 10217
21 main 3.25 Jul 18, 2006 theSeltzer
Playing the sentence game online kills all other activities!
Jul 25, 2006 jtrump
The monkey-dog transmits ideas to his master, who constructs excellent sentence game pictures in MS Paint.
15 main 3.28 Jun 30, 2006 jtrump
When Action Jackson and Meatwad cruise through the hood in their nuclear-powered, low-riding Ranchero, all the homies say "ho" and the girlies want to scream!
Jul 25, 2006 *M* griffinlad
The secret ingredient in NASA's nuclear space fuel is "love."
13 main 3.11 Jun 28, 2006 *M* Dave
In Hindu mythology, Death rides a black buffalo.
Jul 24, 2006 Dragonmudd
He brought a knife to a gun fight... in Kashmir. That makes baby Death cry.
17 main 3.26 Jul 8, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Flappy has a treasure map showing the Pistol of Curious Heterosexuality is buried in Saskatchewan.
Jul 18, 2006 theSeltzer
Penquins surprise the british by attacking them with a huge penguin's ass!
16 main 3.97 Jul 1, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Jul 18, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Global warming has many sources, including Darth Tater and Herman Melville.
14 main 3.11 Jun 30, 2006 *M* Abraxas
Jess took off her shirt at Bluegrass Dinner; Rick got upset that it was so warm in the house.
Jul 17, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Dave, Rick, and Jonno dream of green grass, freezing temperatures, and hair extensions, respectively.
12 main 3.33 Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
I need more MSG on EVERYTHING!
Jul 17, 2006 SimonHova
oh my god! the ninjas killed Saturn! You bastards!
6 main 3.27 Mar 5, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Here there be krankens!
Jul 17, 2006 jtrump
In Boston, the X-man Cyclops fights the Moononites and a mythological cyclops while a bald guitarist, drunk on tequila, watches on.
9 main 2.44 Mar 22, 2006 *M* stickyii
Seltzer climbs a ladder to change a light bulb while Rick sits peacefully with the windows open. The temperature is 20°F outside.
Jun 27, 2006 *M* Dave
Drinking makes you obsessed with the bathroom.
4 main 2.61 Feb 26, 2006 *M* ges138
Eating egg rolls prevents the Sunday frumpies.
Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
The second sunday of the month is naked time for Jonno and his love-pigeon (except Jonno wears a pink hat and smokes a cigar).
11 main 3.10 Apr 7, 2006 *M* griffinlad
When Kaiser Penguin drinks moonshine, he paints the Confederate flag on Rick's car.
Jun 24, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Because he is a racist, Kaiserpenguin steals a truck full of money with dreams of rebuilding the Confederate army, but not in the Southeast.
7 main 3.22 Mar 8, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Don't shake the snowglobe!!!
Jun 23, 2006 millerhero
No peas, bad grades, or paper airplanes for you, you basketball playing demon.
10 main 2.97 Mar 22, 2006 *M* ges138
My nipples are pained, and it's all because of you!
Jun 23, 2006 millerhero
Shot through the heart by the rainbow revolver.
8 main 3.14 Mar 22, 2006 *M* Abraxas
If we're not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?
Jun 22, 2006 *M* griffinlad
Dave is sad because he must eat an evil sunk, whereas a giant steak makes people happy.
5 main 2.96 Feb 27, 2006 *M* stickyii
When Jon rubs Adam's belly, naked mole rats nestle between Joel's toes.
Jun 21, 2006 *M* JoelS
Jon the Longpaddle and Adam, the Squirrel Warrior, duel with garden spades in front of a picture of a river delta which is surrounded by giant rats.
3 main 3.65 in prehistoric times *M* griffinlad
A magical unicorn from the moon brings Rick a poison apple.
Jun 21, 2006 jtrump
The sun transforms a rhino into an apple! Rick spurts forth from his magic lamp to chomp down on the meaty apple goodness.
2 main 3.72 in prehistoric times *M* stickyii
Many different kinds of cheese can be purchased via the Internet.
Apr 26, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
When people put their money into Google's stock, all that results is Google screwing penguins and computers becoming cheese.
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