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Total 131
9564 9 5.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
We graham crackers are not impressed with your Canadian money, Queen! Now go back to your telephone box where you belong!
10151 7 4.5000 4 *M* Abraxas
The ear of corn was prepared to fight off zombies, but concern was written all over his little corn face.
9245 9 3.5000 2 *M* Abraxas
The Hulk is coming out -- and he's doing it by throwing a pig out of a hot-air balloon.
9378 9 2.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
If you won't give blood the normal way, I'll just have to stab you in the heart... in outer space!
10323 3 4.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the amazing song and dance of Ali Baba, and his three drag-queen thieves!
10264 1 3.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
If you don't eat your vegetables, Kim Jong Un will nuke your teddy bear!
10029 9 4.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
The critics may have hailed "Veggie Tales of the Holocaust" but I still think it was in poor taste.
10027 1 5.0000 2 *M* Abraxas
Wow, that really gives "banana-hammock" a new meaning!
7817 9 4.6667 6 *M* Abraxas
How badass is he? Thomas Jefferson is SO badass, he fought the universe (matrix-style) and made it cry lollipops.
6286 5 3.5000 2 *M* Abraxas
RUN you fools! God's discarded 3-hole-punched paper is upon us!
7248 5 3.6667 3 *M* Abraxas
I may be in a hazmat suit, but I can still fry up a friggin awesome grilled cheese!
7224 7 4.2500 4 *M* Abraxas
Grandpa explained to Billy how babies are made... in graphic detail and with obscene finger gestures.
7099 3 5.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
Play the accordion and sing for us, Country Pig -- tell us again the story of when you were just a young pig and left the country for a factory job in the big city.
7098 5 1.0000 1 *M* Abraxas
Behold the emblem of the pirate! Now behold my fist in your girlfriend's face!
7103 1 4.0000 2 *M* Abraxas
These writers suck! I wish I had infinite monkeys at typewriters instead!
7035 1 0 *M* Abraxas
Wizards aren't known for their floral odor.
7034 1 4.0000 2 *M* Abraxas
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
6841 9 4.5000 2 *M* Abraxas
The angry man used his lollipop to harness the power of the sun and burn me while I slept in my red mittens. Mean people suck.
6773 1 0 *M* Abraxas
"Don't wiz on the electric fence" has been disproved by mythbusters; so wiz away!
6492 1 0 *M* Abraxas
No one likes a depressed turtle.
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