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Total 92429
11 7 2.6667 3 theSeltzer
A golden penguin steals a truck full of money by pretending that it is Confederate money, therefore of no use in the Reconstructed South.
10 9 3.2000 5 millerhero
Shot through the heart by the rainbow revolver.
7 8 2.3333 3 *M* Dave
4 6 2.0000 2 *M* Dave
11 6 3.0000 2 *M* Dave
7 7 3.6667 3 *M* Abraxas
Hey Sasquatch! Don't put your hairy-ass leg on my ball! I will give you an 'F' and send you to the Soviet Union! bitch.
11 5 4.0000 2 *M* Abraxas
Tux, the Linux penguin, painted the confederate flag on the back of an armored car... then happily paints himself yellow!
8 9 4.0000 2 *M* griffinlad
Dave is sad because he must eat an evil sunk, whereas a giant steak makes people happy.
7 6 2.3333 3 *M* griffinlad
6 7 3.5000 2 *M* griffinlad
Cyclops of the X-Men fights various monsters in Boston, MA, incluiding Inigknot anr Urr, a real cyclops, and a drunk caveman.
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