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Total 92429
8 3 3.5000 2 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
You shouldn't eat cows raw. Why? Becuase cows make tasty steaks, and you wouldn't want to ruin something that could become a tasty steak, would you? Or would you...?
5 5 4.0000 3 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
Jon the Longpaddle, using his hands, and Adam the Gym Class Warrior, using his crotch, become a painter, and create a painting of black mice living on a river delta.
2 8 3.3333 6 *M* Abraxas
10 3 4.0000 3 *M* stickyii
The buxom woman wishes she was a man and is immediately shot in the boob.
10 2 2.0000 3 *M* griffinlad
3 8 2.8000 5 *M* griffinlad
9 3 3.0000 2 *M* griffinlad
Rick is happy sitting on a freezing chair while his manservant changes a lightbulb.
2 7 4.1667 6 *M* griffinlad
People invest in Google so it becomes a porn site, and turns computers into cheese.
6 3 4.0000 2 *M* griffinlad
Cyclopean space aliens land in Massachussetts.
11 1 3.6667 3 *M* griffinlad
When Kaiser Penguin drinks moonshine, he paints the Confederate flag on Rick's car.
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