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Total 92501
7 6 2.3333 3 *M* griffinlad
6 7 3.5000 2 *M* griffinlad
Cyclops of the X-Men fights various monsters in Boston, MA, incluiding Inigknot anr Urr, a real cyclops, and a drunk caveman.
6 6 2.0000 2 *M* Dave
8 8 3.5000 4 *M* Dave
9 5 2.5000 2 *M* JoelS
Rick has a brilliant idea to craft a Throne Of Ice so he might stay cool at all times.
3 11 4.2000 5 jtrump
The sun transforms a rhino into an apple! Rick spurts forth from his magic lamp to chomp down on the meaty apple goodness.
5 9 3.0000 3 *M* JoelS
Jon the Longpaddle and Adam, the Squirrel Warrior, duel with garden spades in front of a picture of a river delta which is surrounded by giant rats.
6 5 3.6667 3 jtrump
Massachusetts is invaded by the Moon-inites and their pet cyclops... Cyclops fights them off while an ogre frolicks through Boston.
7 5 3.6667 3 jtrump
Do not crush the bocce ball, or the gym teacher (he of the deadly giant Russian hands) will give you an F!
3 10 5.0000 5 *M* JoelS
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