Why Get a T-Shirt?

Custom T-shirts are now available for $23.50
Pre-designed shirts made from your favorite SentenceGames will soon be available.

T-Shirt Front with SentenceGame Logo and Official Mark
T-Shirt Back with Your Custom Design!


To order a custom T-Shirt, please go back to the Archive Viewer and pick a game from which you want to make your shirt.
At the bottom of the the viewer page, there's a link to make a T-Shirt which will bring you back here so you can customize your shirt.
Happy Shopping!

Game Number: Browse Games!
Choose what submissions you want on your T-Shirt!
maximum of two pictures and three sentences is suggested

Also - please don't choose submissions that have something on them that might be copyrighted (unlike the one above... the one I wanted...). I have to fight with the print shop about it (and I lose).



The shirt arrived yesterday, and it looks great!! I laughed my head off when
I saw it.



I got my t-shirt! I am indeed impressed with the quality of the print--it's not pixellated at all. And I can't complain about the quality of the clever artwork (since it's my own :P)! I'm going to wear it to my next quantum mechanics class--I can't wait to have all the physics nerds drooling all over my very cute Sentence Game shirt! ("Wow! That's really the Schrodinger equation!!! Where did you get that shirt?!")

Thanks for offering this service.



T-shirt orders have been disabled! If you are reeeaaally interested in ordering a T-shirt, I can help you out. Tell me :)


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